MindHug is a UCL (University College London) incubated mental wellbeing startup with a vision to bring happiness and wellbeing for all. It was the personal challenges and subsequent research by our founder, Raj, that sowed the seeds to MindHug. We focus on the problem of employee and university student burnout, depression and anxiety. Our mission is to provide individuals with knowledge and access to a wider choice of beneficial alternative therapies and activities for mental wellbeing. These include experiential and expressive art, music, sound therapies and mindfulness. At the same time, we look to address challenges with capacity and waiting lists, and high cost of therapies and activities. Finally, we want to leverage data and help individuals understand what works best for their mental wellbeing.

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We are trying to revolutionise how people understand, manage and maintain their mental wellbeing. Want to join us on this journey? See job openings here.

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We help find what works best for your happiness and wellbeing. We do this by harnessing the familiarity of community and the power of digital. Join our mailing list and stay abreast of our progress. Be the first to hear about relevant news and events.

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